1 step from a happy juicy life!

The Art of Breaking Through

You did not come here by accident and I'm glad you did!

Are you stuck? Are you feeling like a part of your life is missing?

Are you successful in some areas while feeling unskilled, frustrated, unworthy or dreadfully powerless in others?

Facing big changes? Tired to cope? Dreaming of more?

Do you long for ease, for joyful flow, for alignment ?

How about the social mask that keeps you safe but isolated?

How much longer can you pretend to be fine, and not be so?

Imagine waking up deeply in love with your life every day...

Things start shifting when we commit to honor ourselves in a loving way and take action, no matter when or where we start.

Our story til today doesn't have to define our future.

Any given day, we can start re-inventing ourselves.

I invite you to engage in the dynamic process of life coaching 

for a deep life transforming experience.

You are powerful, able to exponentially grow with ease and purpose... to live your life at its fullest in your own unique way, confidently, joyfully, and by doing so, to illuminate the world...

What life coaching is about

Coaching is about thriving.


You can make the rest of your life the best of your life!

In the driver seat of your life, at the wheel, where you belong.

Be the person who lives the life you long for. 


As the sessions unfold you'll discover your limitless nature; you'll take action; you'll learn to stay aligned with your soul's desire and shift your reality. 

You will get unstuck. (Read testimonials here)

When we are stuck, doing more of what we've been doing, hoping for different results, we just create more of the same.

Sometimes we are so stuck we don't seem to be able to do anything at all about it.

And we can be stuck inside while looking very successful outside! We can over achieve and yet feel incomplete.
If we want a different, more fulfilling life, we need to relate to Life in a different way, from the inside out.

Life RESPONDS to what we broadcast. Learning to master what we broadcast is life changing.

All happily successful people will tell you the same: when something doesn't work they change their approach, their way of doing.

They shift their focus. They learn new skills.

In any circumstance we have the choice to either let ourselves be governed by circumstances or accept what is, and use it as our springboard, or to feel victimized and think that Life is wrong.

Life is never wrong in my view.

Every single circumstance is an opportunity to grow to our next level of being. It is, in fact an invitation to grow.

Our attitude toward Life is what makes our own destiny a happy one or a bitter one, an impoverished one or an abundant one.

Holistic approach, deep listening, intuition, provocative questions, positive attitude and love of fun, are all part of what I do.

I work with you so you are always more in power and more at ease to move deliberately into the life you want to live.

As a coach I am not a friend, not a boss, not a shoulder to cry on, nor a therapist; I am here to challenge the patterns of thoughts and choices that keep you stuck where you are.

I love to stimulate your creativity and personal breakthroughs. It's my true passion.

As I hold a sacred space for you to do so, I see you as the powerful being that you are. I hold you in high regard.

So you can explore and expand safely.

Because I believe in the unlimited potential for growth that we all are given at birth.

No matter what we did up to now, we can always start fresh and go to the next level of ourselves.

Exponentially so.

If you are ready for change and positive transformation, don't wait and call me now.

Life is too short to delay fulfillment any longer.


"During a few times in my life, the fear of staying put became greater than the fear of change. Meeting Emmeline is one such time. Five months ago I was stuck in a life I did not understand, spinning endlessly in search of meaning and purpose. 'Fine' and 'okay' were my responses to questions about how I felt. I viewed my life as unimportant and myself as not enough. I was desperate for change but unsure of how or what to do. Today I am in LOVE with life. I am present for and find joy in every single moment. 'Grateful', 'remarkable', and 'astounding' are part of my daily vocabulary. The sludge that filled me and the muck in which I stood are distant memories.

So what happened?

Nothing . . . and everything.

I did not change employment. My health has not waned or improved. I did not suffer the loss of a friend or family member nor have any friend or family member received acclaim or award. I have not come into a large sum of money, nor suffered a monetary loss.

No, my first step was a simple one. I walked into Emmeline Craig's art gallery. I was not looking for a painting or a coach. A few days later I had both. I believe now that I was energetically drawn to her gallery; I felt a connection. I believe people appear in our lives at different times for different reasons. Emmeline's promise of an initial consultation in which we could see if we were a fit appealed to me. Twelve weekly video sessions, a carefully crafted curriculum, and Emmeline's willingness to share her own experiences have helped me look deeply inward. I not only love, but deeply appreciate and respect myself.
My level of comfort with Emmeline and my trust in myself and in the process have convinced me to continue this work with her."

~Laurie. R. Sacramento, CA. USA 2018

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As stipulated by law, I cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with these ideas, information, tools or strategies. Your results are completely up to you, your level of awareness, expertise, the actions you take and the service you provide to others.  That being said, I believe that you have in yourself what it takes to thrive in all areas of your life. ~Emmeline Craig