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Here you will find some of my personal library of life transforming books to help you make the rest of your life the best of your life.
Reference Bibliography (in random order):

You can heal your life ~ Louise Hay

Ten commitments to your success ~ Steve Chandler

The power of awareness ~Neville

You are a badass ~ Jen Sincero

Reconnecting to the source ~ Ervin Laszlo

Wake up and live! ~ Dorothea Brande

The power of self-image Psychology ~ Maxwell Maltz
As a man thinketh ~ James Allen
Think and grow rich ~ Napoleon Hill
The secret of the ages ~ Robert Collier
The Optimist creed ~ Christian D. Larson
Your invisible power ~ Genevieve Behrend
The magic of believing ~Claude Bristol

The science of being great ~ W. D. Wattles

The mental equivalent ~ Emmet Fox

The untethered soul ~ Michael Singer

Change your thoughts, change your life ~Wayne Dyer

The ABCs of success ~Bob Proctor

Breaking the habit of being yourself ~ Joe Dispenza

Crazy Good ~ Steve Chandler

Perfect love, imperfect relationships ~ John Welwood

Simple Abundance ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

The power of decision ~ Raymond Charles Barker

The book of Joy ~ Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu

Mindset ~ Carol Dweck

The 7 habits of highly effective people ~ Stephen R. Covey

Fearless ~ Steve Chandler

Quantum healing ~ Deepak Chopra

Loving yourself to great health ~ Louise Hay - A. Khadro - H. Dane

Don't hold your breath ~ Jenny Beeken

The sleep revolution ~ Arianna Huffington

Callings ~ Gregg Levoy

Reinventing yourself ~ Steve Chandler

100 ways to create wealth ~ Steve Chandler

Customer astonishment ~ Darby Checketts

Being human ~ Amy Johnson PhD

Creator ~ Steve Chandler

Atomic habits ~ James Clear

Right now ~ Steve Chandler

Ikigai ~ H. garcia and F. Mirales

My little Ikigai Journal ~ Amanda Kudo

You² ~ Price Pritchett

The quantum leap strategy ~ price Pritchett
The science of getting rich ~ Wallace D. Wattles
The Big Leap ~ Gay Hendricks
Happy for no reason ~ Marci Shimoff
The power of intention ~ Wayne Dyer
The hidden messages in water ~Masaru Emoto

Building your field of dreams ~ Mary Morrissey

Self-compassion ~ Kristin Neff

Flying without wings ~ Arnold Beisser

Outrageous openness ~ Tosha Silver

Mind over medicine ~ Lissa Rankin, MD

The 7 days mental diet ~Emmet Fox

100 ways to motivate others ~ Steve Chandler

The complete works ~ Florence Scovel Shinn

The surrender experiment ~ Michael Singer

Keys to success ~Napoleon Hill

Being in balance ~Wayne Dyer

7 briefs lessons on physics ~Carlo Rovelli

The success principles ~ Jack Canfield

Shift your mind shift the world ~ Steve Chandler

Darn easy ~ Peggy Mccall and Brian Proctor

Quantum creativity ~ Amit Goswami

The intention experiment ~ Lynne Mc Taggart

Blink ~ Malcolm Gladwell

You are enough ~ David J. Walker

The 4 hours work week ~ Tim Ferriss

The biology of belief ~ Bruce Lipton

Buddha's brain ~ Rick Hanson Ph D-Richard Mendius MD

The power of your subconscious mind ~ Joseph Murphy

Live in a better way ~ Dalai Lama

The 5 love languages ~ Gary Chapman

17 lies that are holding you back... ~ Steve Chandler

Big Magic ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

Super coach ~ Michael Neill

Time warrior ~ Steve Chandler

Wealth warrior ~ Steve Chandler

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