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Attitude is everything

Attitude is everything. This short statement as in itself, used as a guide line for every moment, would be enough to change most people's lives dramatically! Metaphysical authors of all times keep mentioning it over and over. The wonderful booklet by Emmet Fox, "The 7 day mental diet" is most explicit about how Attitude influences all of our life. In the face of any circumstance, my power is in the way I choose to perceive it: how I'll deliberately feel, act, think and relate. No matter what my current results are, I always have a choice in my perception and my use of them. I can choose to remind myself that I am an infinite being having a human experience and that everything is part of my earthly curriculum. Everything is part of my education, my edification, my evolution. I have the choice to be willing to embrace the experience and look for the gold nugget in it, the sparkle, the direction... An attitude of gratitude, of wonder, of awe, and open mindedness will open unexpected doors in front of us, while any attitude of resistance, of fear, of doubt, will shut doors that were actually there and ruin great opportunities in the bud. Not to react blindly but keep expecting the best outcome, and look for it, brings forth greatness, permits us to stay healthy, mentally and physically, to stay connected to our journey, to welcome success for us and others. Keeping a serene mind, a peaceful willingness to appreciate what is, at any given moment is the very best tool for happiness. The book "Flying without wings" by Arnold Beisser, a young thriving man becoming totally paralyzed in a few days, then learning how to live meaningfully while prisoner of his own body, and beating the odds on so many levels, is an incredible source of inspiration for any of us who could be tempted to complain about anything. The fact is, Dr Beisser lived a life of purpose and of great influence despite his most challenging condition. Not only a positive attitude permits us to live with purpose and poise, it actually attracts, magnetizes, and brings about amazing coincidences, or reorganization of what we call reality. Miracles occur frequently and breakthroughs unveil the next step to be taken. A positive attitude is truly the golden key for a better life! Expect the best and you'll often get improvements beyond your expectation. It is our choice, no matter what, to apply gratitude over worry, gracefulness over anger and confidence over fear. It's one or the other, as they can't be felt or entertained in our mind simultaneously... Of course like for any other tool for self-mastery, it is a practice, not an end. But as we get better at it, our life gets visibly better and better, in all kinds of ways. For which we can be grateful in return. Creating a magic uplifting spiral of transformation. It shows in our circumstances and most importantly in who we become in the process and how we relate to Life itself. I know for myself that I do my best work when in a state of awe and willing to say "yes" to what comes to me. Even when it doesn't look like what I wished for. My best ally when fear and doubt creep in, is Curiosity: where is this going? How can I use this? What if this was my best opportunity so far? You never know... what I get might reveal to be better yet than what I planned for... I expect it so.

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